3rd Trimester


5/18 Feather Tutorial


Word Collage


Boss Laser (Go to this site and download the LaserWORKS V8 software)

Click Download


Extract to


Word Collage


Spirit Animal Illustration Assignment


Spirit Animal Resources


Spirit Animal Image Resources



3/21 Good Resource Page!


3/20 Find Your Spirit Animal




3rd Trimester

3/13 Lanyard Tag



1/26 Senior Winter Formal Court nominations Secret word is: Frosty


Trimester 2

1/13 Island Art - Based on your Island and its economy you are going to do three things:

  1. Choose an animal that represents your islands econonmy.
  2. Keeping in mind what makes a good flag, you are going to design a flag for your island that displays an image of the animal you have chosen. The flag should contain some elements from the official seal.
  3. Design an official seal for your island. The seal would be something you find on an official document from your islands government. The seal should contain some elements that would be found on the flag.

The seal should be a more elaborate design with the island's name, a motto, the animal you have chosen, and incorporate colors on the flag. Find examples by looking up the Oregon State Seal, or the Seal of the United States of America.


1/11 Add a tab to the previously used spread sheet. Create a list of top 5 possible contacts EVEN IF YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO INTERN. Make sure your name is on the sheet, print this page out and turn it in to me.


1/10 Using the spreadsheet form provided create a list of possible internship contacts in the Rogue Valley


1/9 Create an Island

Using the 4 handouts in the P drive 3rd Period Block. Create 5 islands as per the instructions on the Island Turnin Sample.


12/14 Snow man building contest. Using Adobe Illustrator Build a snow man. You may only use Illustrator, everything must be made by you. Build the best snowman possible. Tomorrow during 3rd period I will judge and the winner will get a sweet prize.


Light Rays Tutorial


Glow Light Tutorial


Adobe After Effects Introduction Video Tutorial


Trimester 1

Infographic Requirements - Due Thursday Dec 1st

Poster Requirements - Presentation 3rd period Next Tuesday 11/22

Dialogue options

Superhero requirements:

Assigned Superhero Terms

Primary Hero: Primary color Com