Business Package

Business Package Samples

To go along with your sign you will create a business package. This will consist of a business card, business envelope, and letterhead stationary. All of these will represent the same business as the sign you created.

Start by designing the Letterhead, after this is completed you can modify it to fit the business card and envelope. The letterhead, business card, and envelope, needs to quickly provide information important to a business:

You may include a slogan, catch phrase, business description, or service. Example "Sprint, the now network."

Limit the size of your design. Along the top edge shoud not exceed 2" x 8 1/2", along the edge should not exceed 2" x 11". The name and address should be easily readable on each piece.

To complete this business package you will need three files:

You will be creating these as though you were sending the business cards to a printer.

(Your Business Name)
655 North Third St
Central Point, OR 97502
PH: (541) 494-6300
Fax: (541) 494-6283