Student's assignments are graded on a scale of 0-5. General criteria for each are listed below:

0 Project is missing
1 Project demonstrates little or no effort or is unacceptably incomplete.
2 Project demonstrates minimum level of accomplishment and does not satisfy requirements
3 Project demonstrates average level of accomplishment, may or may not satisfy requirements.
4 Project demonstrates above average level of accomplishment, satisfies most of the requirements.
5 Work demonstrates superior level of accomplishment and satisfies requirements.


Re Do Policy

All assignments may be redone for a higher grade

Because of the redo policy and availability of computers, all work submitted is expected to have perfect spelling and grammar.


Incomplete Policy

Graphic Design requires that all assignments be turned in to receive a grade.

The incomplete policy is designed to reflect the same requirement that all tasks be completed in the work place, as well as enhance student success.