Pop Art

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Click here for Adobe Illustrator assignment list.

Computer Design

This class will teach students the basics of Adobe Illustrator and touch on Cut Studio (Sticker design software), to create 2 completed Roy Lichtenstein inspired pop art paintings. Students will create a variety of computer related pop art images. The computer genterate images will focus on the skills and functions to complete the physical art work portion ot this class.


Project Creation

Students will split time between the computer lab 601 designing, and 604 art room fabricating large format Pop art paintings. Students will incorporate basic color mixing, painting, and silk screening in the creation process. Students will also learn to use basic power tools such as a saber saw, scroll saw, sander as wekk as variety of hand tools.


12/7/17 Sound effect


12/13/17 Ornament Tutorial

Week of 1/8/2018 - 1/12/2018 Rolling Stones, and Eye Tutorial

7 Rolling Stones

8 Eye Tutorial

17 Pop Art Marilyn Monroe


Pumpkin Tutorial

Sugar Skull

Sound Effects Identification

Comic Book Page














Selective Colorization Tutorial

Two Hands Picture

18 ZRT

Monopoly Card

Valentines Project

2/13/2017 Lnayard Tag

10 Pop Culture Icons (Photoshop adjustment to Illustrator)

21 Four Fruits (Gradient Mesh)














Vector Lotus Flower Tutorial


Spirograph Tutorial


Flowering Vector Tutorial


Monopoly Card


5-15-2017 Abstract Background


5-11-2017 Op Art Tutorial


4-28-2017 Andy Warhol Pop Art Picture


File Management


Sound Effect - Splatt


Adobe Introduction










Comic Book Page


Self Portrait Andy Warhol Effect







Adobe Sound Effect Projects

Pop Art Marilyn Monroe


*NEW ASSIGNMENT* Sound Effect Assignment


Andy Warhol Self Portrait Project


Benday Dot Sound Effect

(Pop Art Painting Project 2)

After completing a variety of computer genterated versions, students will create a verb sound effect bubbles including silk screened benday dots.

Click here for Benday Dot Sound Effect project requirements.

Bang smash


Roy Lichtenstein inspired Pop Art painting

(Pop Art Painting Project 2)

After completing computer genterated versions, students will blow the design up to use as a working pattern to create a large scale Roy Lichtenstein inspred Pop Art painting.

Click here for Roy Lichtenstein inspred Pop Art painting requirements.

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