Sticker Design

Lab Fees


Turning in your work for cutting and grading


Class Credit and grading for those who have not paid.

Stickers are graded in two parts: Design, and weeding and backing. Those who have not paid will still be graded for the design portion of the sticker, but not for the weeding and backing. Since all of the requirements of creating a sticker are not fulfilled, you can still recieve a C for the project. In order to recieve higher credit the weeding and backing needs to be done as well as the design.



File Management

Cut Studio Shortcut

Cut Studio Intro



Toolbox Assignments


Learning the toolbox

1 Lines

2 Shapes

3 Altered Shapes

4 Suits


Weeding and Backing


Sticker Assignments


5 Flaming Letter


From this point on in the class, in order for your stickers to be cut you must have the lab fee paid. All assignments need to be turned in for design credit.


6 Zodiac

7 Jersey

8 Symmetrical Wings

9 Oregon

10 Choice 1 (Silver) 6" x 6"

11 Choice 2 (Red) 6" x 6"

12 Choice Black vinyl heat press for making shirt (3" x 8")

















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