Adobe Illustrator Introduction

Retro Badge

Ampersand tutorial Start on Step 5 You are only making one Ampersand

Glossy Button Make sure you do Three Different Colors

10/10/16 App Icons- Search and select an App Icon with a glossy effect. Use the technique in the previous tutorial to duplicate the Icon. Save the icon you select and place it on the page with your recreated Icon.


10/11/16 Retro Text Effect tutorial using the Appearance Panel.


10/13/16 Image filled with text Pick one:

10/20 Image filled with text

10/24 Eye Catching 80's Text


10/25 Editable Stitched Label Type Treatment


11/2 Anaglyphic Text Effect


11/4 Fire Text Effect (Forget this one)


11/8 Punkin Chunkin (Skip Step 14)


11/9 Scream at the Punkin