Graphic Design

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General Info - Rules - FAQ's - Etc

GRADING- Student's assignments are graded on a scale of 1-5. General criteria for each are listed below:

5 Generally a perfect performance that would be acceptable in the work place.

3 Assignment illustrates knowledge of content but needs revisions.

1 Assignment would be unacceptable in the work place because of writing errors (grammar, spelling) or lack of effort.

REDO POLICY- All assignments may be redone for a higher grade

Because of the redo policy and availability of computers, all work submitted is expected to have perfect spelling and grammar.

INCOMPLETE POLICY- Graphic Design requires that all assignments be turned in to receive a grade.

The incomplete policy is designed to reflect the same requirement that all tasks be completed in the work place, as well as enhance student success.

COMPUTER USE- Each Graphics student will have use of a computer while in class. Because many students use the same computers, it is expected that students do not make any system changes. Changes desired for work related to academic learning may be discussed with the instructors but must not be made without permission. In addition, computers should not be used for anything that does not contribute to student's formal education at Crater High School. Students who bring in their own computers must set them up in designated areas only and obey the same responsible use policies as required on computers owned by School District 6.

Remember every site you visit, every email you send, and every key stroke you make while logged in is recorded and can be traced by our tech department. You may think it is fun and a joke to try to skirt boundaries and outsmart the Tech Department but keep in mind, that makes you a hacking student and they are a professional Tech Department. Students have lost computer privilages, and even been prosecuted for violating computer use policies.

FOOD & DRINK- Food and drink are acceptable if consumed responsibly. Obviously, students should clean up their own wrappers, cans, and spills and avoid consumption of food and drink where it can be accidentally spilled on equipment. Food and drink is acceptable with consumed in an appropriate manner.

HOODS and CELL PHONES - Hoods may not be worn in class this is SCHOOL policy and is enforced by the administration. Turn your cell phone to vibrate and put it in your pocket - you can go an hour without texting your ma or loved one(s).

Graphic Design Students -


How to Login - All students, even if you are a returning student


Second – Open up the Internet to


Third – Open up Macromedia Dreamweaver


Fourth – Open up Photoshop Elements



Fifth – Hang in there for instructions