Weeks 1 and 2


Wednesday 14- 1. boneyard movement - Rogan will explain

  • Thursday 15 - Friday 16
    • 1. Badges (5.75 by 3.75) - everybody make a badge sample (please share with each other) Also determine what you want on the badge (name, year?, CESPN logo/name, job title, what else?
    • 2. look over logos that are linked and through discussion as a group - let me know your two favorites - pick one person to email me your thoughts.
    • 3. Take pictures (head and shoulder shot for badges) - please ask Mr. Sinks if he can save them in handouts>CESPN>2016-2017>id
    • 4. Interviews - Teams of 2 - work with your partner - I want to see at least roughs on Monday (you need footage shot of all 4 of your interviews)
    • 5. Clean up bone yard - make it crisp and clean (as much as possible with all that stuff in there - sweep, arrange, etc)

CESPN Logos - Binkley - Muraviov - Binkley2 - Chase - Luis - Dustin - Daniel - Dustin2 - Dustin3 - Sam

Interview Questions Link - missing many

Intro video - Luis - Sam - Tarisha - Dustin - Will - Oziel

Headphones - link to google sheet - don't need any more - all good

Go through cameras and see what is good and can be used


Weeks 3 and 4

Sept 20 - all out - all day (learning how to use cameras and video)

Image Requirements - Camera Use information - Everybody read these today and then we will talk about them as a group.


Need all your interviews - come up to Rogan's computer and put into directory


Tonight's Game (22) - Daniel - Sam - Tarisha - Binks - Dustin - Chase - Will - Luis - Logan (4:00 to 7:00 ish)


Thursday- To Do: Binkley/Tarisha - create badges for each member in class - you will save them on my CESPN thumbdrive as images (not psd) - email me the psd though - Daniel/Dustin/Amy - label camera kits (all the equipment) - Chase/Will/Luis/Sam - Player Headshots on template - I will get you background and you will pick a great/simple/easy to read font (look at examples online) - Logan/Oz/Or - 1)Type up booting/start up procedures and 2)type up Shutdown procedures (including back up procedures (send to me as docs)so we can laminate and hang in the control room - hook up laptop in control room - duct tape each of the tops of the cables and sharpie camera # on them- create a CESPN Slide in laptop which lists all your names and the jobs we do - All - clean out back half of control room


Friday - Game Breakdown- Note card 1) Rate our crew - including who you thought did well at things specifically (all game) 2) Rank your favorite jobs in order 3)What could we do better 4) What do you need to learn more about? Binkley/Tarisha - Badges (do we need new pics or should we clean out background?) Need hat logo -Chase/Will/Luis/Sam/Daniel/Logan - Player Headshots on template (see email) - Dustin/Amy/Oz/Or - label the cables in Control Room - Detail and organize our work space - bring laptop back when you return

Saturday Game (24) - Bink - Chase 3. Dustin 4. Daniel 5. Amy 6. - Coach Heard is buying lunch! (noon to 3:00 ish)

Tuesday - September 27

Daktronics Show Control + more - Youtube - I want everybody to watch show control vids and how to run replay - keep at this, the more trained we are the better.

Finish up the player headshots - we need to test them today - might have to change the Boston Font if it is not clear

JB/TG - Need you to contact Fidelity Print Quick (corner of 3rd) - explain our badges - get a cost on printing them double sided on nice paper and cut to fit the lanyard holders. Ask if we get them done on Thursday - they could have printed and ready for us by Friday (If we gets shirts Thursday we will do our picture retakes)

Check Camera 3 cable (the long one)

Need to get a loud railroad horn sound to add to the touchdown graphic (like the Ducks do)

Wednesday Game (28) - Daniel - Will - Chase - Dustin - 5.Logan 6. Amy 7. 8. (5:30 to 8:30)

Attached are all of the people that need to be recognized in the video


We need buttons made with
“This Touchdown brought to you by _________________” - I have all the sponsor logos on a thumb drive

They need to be put in order - we will make their logos full screen

1. Arthur Dubs Foundation *
2. Riverdell Construction -*
3. Patriot Electric - *
4. JJ Kramer
5. Food 4 Less *
6. Quality Fence *
7. West Foundation *
8. Knife River *
9. S & B James
10. West Coast Pipeline *
11. Medford Fabrication *
12. Bullet Rental *
13. Sky Lakes Media *
14. City of Central Point *
15. Crater Foundation *

This order stays the same all season including playoffs. For example ; after the 15th touchdown you move back to the top.

Sept 28 - vid interview with College Counselor from George Fox (in library) - small camera - need a list of questions - who is interested - need a camera person and an interviewer. Dustin send to Rogan

****Food 4 Less is the 1st Quarter Sponsor - need button - this quarter is sponsored by Food 4 Less**** and Food 4 Less is the 2nd Quarter Sponsor - Also Corrie O'Niel will be the 4th Quater Sponsor - this will be shown between quarters.

Need all the player headshots - have to be done and put in Handins>CESPN>Football Headshots - I need a confirmation that ALL the players on Varsity and JV have been completed, with correct spelling, positions, etc.

Add a coupler and 100 feet to the camera 2 cord - we need more distance on that camera to get our crowd


Sept 30 - Game day - everyone!! (4:00 to 10:00)


Weeks 5 and 6

Monday, October 3

  1. D & HC Debrief of Friday night - discussion and note cards.
  2. Clean up some of what we discuss
  3. Wireless? How can we do it?
  4. Cable carts - let's design and make on the cheap.
  5. We will be scheduling a game this week

Tuesday, October 4

  1. Vid the College Fair on Oct 4 at SOU - interviews with counselors/students from Crater - come up with questions

Wednesday and Thursday, October 4/5

  1. Work on After Effects - send Rogan your tutorial via email
  2. Make sure cameras are charged - bring gear down to our Office for tonight - swap the 100 cable and 300 cable - hook in camera 1 and 2 and vid a bit in order to practice replay (there will be a test!) - check spelling on all JV buttons against the program - find out who plays on JV so we can show all names tonight - sweep out room - let's find a whiteboard to bring down there (maybe ask Sue?)

Week 7 and 8

  1. Go over week ahead - what do we need to fix
  2. Who is working (reminder)
    1. Powder Puff - Wed night - 5:00
    2. Homecoming Game - Friday Night - 5:00 (can start after school) - set up and food at 6:00ish
  3. Thinglink and your images/job descriptions - Photos are in handout>CESPN>Photoshoot

Let's play around in thinglink>upload images>insert video>play around with tags>etc. Your assignment is to have one of the photoshoot images of you - your name - class - your job description - a video link that applies to your job somehow - etc.

Thursday, October 20

  1. Debrief of Powder Puff Game night - you guys talk about it and then I would like a write up from each of you on note cards - discuss how you did - how team did - give an overall grade to you and to team - we will go over tomorrow. Daniel please collect and put cards on my desk.
  2. Work on your Thinglink! Will share tomorrow.
  3. Tomorrow night is big Game Night!

Friday, October 21

  1. We will go over your PPuff debrief
  2. We will look at your Thinglink
  3. Make sure we are ready for tonight.


Monday, October 24

  1. D & HC Debrief of Friday night - discussion and note cards.
  2. Clean up some of what we discuss
  3. Madi Layton Training

Tuesday October 25

  1. Record what we learned from Madi - watch and critique your video - do another round of takes (each person in front of the camera)
  2. Make sure our batteries are charged.
  3. Don't forget to come to the game if you are signed up on Friday!!

Week 9 and 10

  1. Camera Check Off - 1st - we can do two at a time
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro - video about
  3. Begin Tutorials on this website -- beginner

Week 11 and 12

  1. Finish up the Premiere Tutorials - non-negotiable
  2. Watch former Crater BIS student filmmaker Gabe Lunte - championship winning 48 hour film festival entry from New Zealand - "(Time) Travel Centre"
  3. Watch Lame


Veteran's Day – No school

November 12, 2013

November 13, 2013

November 14, 2013

November 15, 2013

Week 12

November 18, 2013

November 19, 2013

November 20, 2013

November 21, 2013

End of Trimester 1

November 22, 2013

Professional Development – No school

Fall Conferences

November 25 – 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 28 – 29, 2013

Trimester 2

Week 1, Dec 5 - 9

New students - intro to CESPN

New idea - Holiday Edition!

  1. Begin Tutorials on this website -- beginner
  2. Finish up the Premiere Tutorials - Google Doc
  3. Storyboard for New Idea - Holiday Edition - Toy Review
    1. Each group must turn in a Storyboard today that gives an idea of how they will proceed with the 2 - 4 minute product review. Link to template (I have printed already)
    2. This will be turned in to Rogan today
    3. Then work on Premiere - I will add Spencer, Aaron and Aaron to the google doc