Digital Media Production Logo and Tagline (Slogan)

 You are to design a logo for your own Digital Media production company.  Your logo will feature the name of your company, which will end in “Studios,” “Pictures,” “Media,” Films,” "Creative," Arts," "Factory," “Productions.” or something similar

You also need to have a Tagline (slogan) for your video production company that is incorporated into your image (see the Folkstone example below).

  • Famous Slogans - Just Do It - No Fear - Got Milk? - We Try Harder - Think Different - The Breakfast of champions - Where's the beef? - Melts in your mouth, not in your hands - Good to the last drop - Does She...or Doesn't She? - Fly the Friendly Skies - It's the real thing

 Logo Examples:

Hollywood Logos


Tough Monkey


Mind Your Head


Logos Big


Select an appropriate name for your company.  It is advised that you may use your own name (or part of your name) or create a corporate name. 

You may want to use a background image

  • Launch your internet browser and go to  Select “Image search”, and then “Advanced image search” link.   From the advanced  menu, go to the size pull-down menu and select “large.”  (If you have no luck finding the image you want, you can try medium.)
  • Find a background image and one or more foreground images.  Find images that are horizontal (wide).  Save these images into your Premiere folder in your Digital Media folder in your U drive (if you don't have one, make one).  Make sure your images are appropriate for school. 

Design Requirements - in Photoshop

  • Name of Production Company
  • Slogan of Production Company
  • Cool graphic that represent your production company
  • image size - 640 by 480 pixels - Resolution - 300
  • Tips



  • Save as you go - file name lastname_logo in your Premiere folder
  • When you are finished - save as a jpg as lastname_logo and upload to Synergy in the Digital Media Production Logo assignment

Your file name should be similar to this (in regard to image/Production Co name/tagline):


- Features a production company name with appropriate supporting images

- Sized to the proper dimensions of 640 x 480

- Demonstrates Creativity and Professionalism

- Saved as a JPG file with the last name_logo as the file name

- Email your completed DM Production Company Logo to Rogan - send the jpeg as an attachment