Windows Movie Maker Montage - about you!

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Franklin High School Media - Video Production 1 for creating this assignment

40 Points Possible - Estimated Time: Five class periods - Due before the start of class next Friday, January 12 (This means it is not a race to go fast - it is a request to be great) - you can email the finished file to me or


In this assignment you will learn the basic features of Windows Movie Maker - already installed on our computers. 

Follow the instructions below, you should be able to complete this assignment without further assistance.  If you find you would like to watch a video tutorial on how to do certain things, Atomic Learning has free video tutorials on How to use Movie Maker 2

To Do: Create a Montage related by Theme - Find 18 - 24 Images that represent you

To Do: Create a Montage - Begin Project

  TURN IN ASSIGNMENT:  Submit the file and email to Rogan - as lastname_montage or you can upload to our Comet TV channel directly.




Project is exactly 60 seconds long.

Project incorporates 60 seconds of music selected from Freeplay and is appropriate

Project contains 18 pictures of medium to large size that all have a common theme.

Project starts with production company logo.

Transitions are between every photo.

The “Ease in – Ease out” effect is on all most photos.

Project ends with credits listing the first initial and last name of the maker.

Project is saved at the proper quality level.

Project is placed in the proper location by the deadline.