Welcome to Sinks' Digital Portfolio!

Sinks as a Pokeman Trainer

This portfolio represents the "hub" of the classes I teach at Crater BIS. A list of courses and their respective agendas are found in the left navigation column.

Digital Media

Revamped for 2018-19, Digital Media is back and better than ever! From Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and Audition, students will be introduced to these powerful programs to create and produce amazing pieces of work.

English IV

A senior English course, students will learn valuable professional writing skills, gear up for their next steps after high school, and get their hands dirty in an internship placement.

Crater School of Business (CSB)

The School of Business is another unique program within the school of BIS. The course integrates multiple subjects such as English, world studies, economics, marketing, web design, and business. We accomplish this by using business concepts as a focus, and utitlizing the skills learned in the above subject areas as our tools. We demand a lot of our students, but by the time they leave our program, they are prepared for the rigors of college and are well on their way to entering the professional marketplace. To learn more, visit the CSB website.

Mini Courses

Honors English

Honors English is a course offered as a supplement to Junior and Senior English to earn college credit. Students taking this course will be expected to read additional literature including short stories, essays, poems, and books, as well as write additinal essays. Please note, this is not an extra English credit. See the Handbook for more details.

Please feel free to email me with your questions! jeremy.sinks@district6.org