Portfolio: Creating New Pages

Create the Education Research Page

For the rest of the pages in the portfolio, we will follow the same procedure outlined above, but will still provide the step-by-step process for each.

  1. Select File > Save as from the top menu bar
  2. In the File name box, delete the name "index" (or "resume") – leave the file extension ".html" at the end
    • Note: if you delete the ".html" file extension at the end, Dreamweaver won't recognize the file and can't open it
  3. Type "education_exploration" before the ".html" file extension in the File name box
    • Important: don't use any spaces in file names – web browsers don't recognize a space as a character, so any spaces will be substitued with "%20" in the URL
    • Use an underscore for spaces – shift + dash keys
    • Note: save the file in the same folder as "index.html" and "resume.html" (lastname_firstname_portfolio) – don't save the file in a sub-folder
  4. Click OK
  5. When you save "education_resarch.html", you should see a new tab open in the document window to the right of "resume.html" with the file name "education_research.html"
  6. In the files panel, if you've saved "education_research.html" correctly, you should see the file appear in the same directory as "index.html" and "resume.html"

Next Steps

In the next exercise, you will create the Career Research Page

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