Portfolio: Creating New Pages

Create the Career Exploration Page

  1. Select File > Save as from the top menu bar
  2. In the File name box, delete the name "index" (or "resume" or "education_research") – leave the file extension ".html" at the end
    • Note: if you delete the ".html" file extension at the end, Dreamweaver won't recognize the file and can't open it
  3. Type "career_exploration" before the ".html" file extension in the File name box
    • Important: don't use any spaces in file names – web browsers don't recognize a space as a character, so any spaces will be substitued with "%20" in the URL
    • Use an underscore for spaces – shift + dash keys
    • Note: save the file in the same folder as "index.html", "resume.html", and "education_research" (lastname_firstname_portfolio) – don't save the file in a sub-folder
  4. Click OK
  5. When you save "career_exploration.html", you should see a new tab open in the document window to the right of "education_research.html" with the file name "career_exploration.html"
  6. In the files panel, if you've saved "career_exploration.html" correctly, you should see the file appear in the same directory as "index.html", "resume.html", and "edcuation_research.html"

Next Steps

In the next exercise, you will create the Career Research Page

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