Portfolio: Getting Started

File Management

To save time, we've already set up a folder system for you to save all your files for the portfolio. The folder is setup with two folders for a specific reason: when you go to put your site over in the remote server folder, it will put the folder over titled "lastname_firstname_portfolio". Please do NOT change this folder structure as your site will not put over to the remote server properly.

Download Portfolio Folder

Click here to download the Portfolio

Open the zipped folder and extract the contents to your U drive – make sure this folder is not housed within another folder in your U drive! This folder needs to be by itself in your U drive.

  1. Rename the folder inside portfolio to "yourlastname_firstname_portfolio"
    • Example: sinks_jeremy_portfolio

Next Steps

In the next exercise, you will learn how to define the local root folder and the remote server folder.

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