The Resume Profile

Modern resumes used for getting a job often contain a section called a profile. We will be going into more depth on resumes later but for now, we are going to practice using language that sells yourself by creating a profile that helps us get acquainted with you. Parts of this will be adapted for your resume later.


Getting Started

The first thing you need to know about writing a professional profile is that it needs to be in 3rd person. This will feel a bit wierd at first, and you might even think it's a bit narcistic, but it's the format most employers expect.

So how do you write about yourself without using the first person pronoun "I?"

A simple strategy for writing in this way is to start your sentence off with a verb. Grammarians will tell you that we should avoid writing sentences like this. It's called a Dangling Modifier, but for our purposes, it works well.

But using any plain verb won't do. You need to use power verbs and action phrases to effectively convey a strong message.

So to start, identify 5 power verbs and action phrases that you think apply to you.

Then, test them out by trying to use those verbs in a sentence that describes you – you could do this as a mental exercise or jot down some sentences on a notecard to see how it would sound.

We strongly recommend that you Describe yourself using activities you enjoy, community involvement, strengths, personality traits, or work experiences that illustrate talent specifically in these areas:

Keep in mind an employer wants to know what you can do for THEM! What skills do you have that you can bring to the table?


Formatting the Resume Profile

Once you think you have 5 solid ideas, it's time to decide how you would like to present them on your resume.

You eseentially have two different options here: a bulleted list or a paragraph.

There are pros and cons to both, so you will need decide how each would affect the visual look of your resume. A bulleted list will be easier to write, and for the future, cut, modify, or update as needed. However, a paragraph may provide a better narrative for the reader.

Create a profile about yourself that showcases 5 different characterstics and/or qualifiations suited for a particular job or industry.


Example Bulleted Profile Sentences:

  1. Accomplished student with proven ability to excel beyond the average student; for example, consistently maintains a 4.0 GPA in rigorous coursework such as honors English and AP Calculus.

  2. Broadened teamwork skills in volleyball by attending and leading skill-based workouts and drills for a youth volleyball camp.

Example Paragraph Profile:

Rising senior in the class of 2014. Has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school. Is concentrated and determined to take challenging courses such as honor and AP classes; devotes time to FFA, Honor Society, Internships, and the Tutor Center. Has facilitated and organized elementary mini classes. Extremely detail oriented, strives for perfection, and generates high quality work. Driven and dedicated to livestock judging demonstrated by achieving a state champion title for 3 years. Interviewed and elected as an FFA officer; now leads the Crater FFA Chapter to success by increasing enrollment, organizing meetings, and directing committees. Stays positive and makes new friends by joining new classes and clubs.


* Notice that the examples never use first person and often are phrases only.

* Also notice how the sentence starts with a verb. All your profile points should start this way. This will help you to write in 3rd person!


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Returning students – We realize that you have an incredible opportunity to create and implement an innovative approach to doing work by using a profile from last year. While this can be considered that you facilitated your work by familiarizing yourself with something you fashioned last year, you actually fielded an assignment which was created in the past – hence, you are double dipping. Do this and you will not receive a grade for this assignment. Not even a ~0~.


Print a hard copy and turn into the appropriate box