Powder Puff Program

In pairs – your team will create an eight-page Publisher program using MS 2010 (or a software program of your choice) for next Wednesday night's Powder Puff game.

You will need to:

Example Program

Example Program from 2005 – P:\handouts\BIS\Sinks\2012-2013\homecoming – the file is called "powderPuffProgramExample"

Don't want to see a copy of someone else's work please – copied work will receive an automatic 0.

Player Names and Numbers

Spreadsheets with names and numbers –P:\handouts\CSB\2012-2013\Powder Puff – the file is called "Powder Puff"

Program Layout

Powder Puff Program
  1. Front PageLogo – game info – Wednesday, October 17, 2012 – Frosh v Soph @ 7:00 PM – Junior v Senior @ 8:00 PM – Dutch Meyer Stadium - should use the winning logo by Fallon Wallace
  2. Freshman Roster - Add coach Mike Rogan
  3. Sophomore Roster - Add coaches Charlie LePari
  4. Junior Roster - Add coach Jon Sullivan
  5. Senior Roster - Add coach Charlie LePari
  6. Ads Page - should include 2 or more of the ads members in your group have created
    1. Spirt Ad
  7. Thanks Page – Include the following:
    1. Ticket Queen - Kristen "Cash Money" Sullivan
    2. Concessions - East Coast Trip
    3. The administration team at Crater High School
    4. Coach Beck and the Crater Football Staff
    5. Athletic Director Jeff Johnson
    6. Crater's Outstanding Custodial Staff
    7. Crater DECA
    8. Congratulations to Fallon Wallace on his winning PPuff Design
    9. All staff and student volunteers
  8. Come up with a cool back cover – could be Ad, could be some cool image you create – should be centered around PPuff