Building a Personal Brand

A BIS Exhibit for Exhibition Night 2018

For this year's BIS Exhibition Night, you will create an exhibit centered around our trimester 1 Careers Unit, only you will frame your exhibit as "Building Your Personal Brand."

So what does this mean?

Think how a brand represents itself. From the design of the logo to the design of its building to the style and types of advertising, the way a company builds a brand is extremely intentional. A brand can project what a company actually is and what it aspires to be.

What This Means for Your Exhibit

You will create an exhibit that showcases your "Personal Brand." The "exhibit" I have in mind is a full length poster like the celebrity cardboard cutouts used in retail stores – only your cutout WON'T SOLELY BE A PIC OF YOU.

Your exhibit MUST showcase who you are as a professional AND the person you aspire to be(come).

Items You Might Consider Including:

  • Resume Profile and/or parts of your resume, i.e., work/volunteer experience
  • Highly developed skills or certifications
  • Awards recieved
  • College Acceptance
  • Internship Experience(s)
  • Values that make up your core identity
  • Examples of projects you are proud of
MJ Cardboard

The Poster

Illustrator or Photoshop

We can do a photoshoot with a high res camera against a white BG for easy cutout

30" is the max "width" of our paper, but we can go as "tall" as we need to – make the height AS TALL AS YOU.

Build in a 1/4" blead all on sides so you don't cut anything off