Senior Slam - Commencement Address 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of 2018, it is with 3 E's that I address you today - emotion, excitement and exhilaration. My emotions run the gamut from heartfelt pride to unwavering belief. I am excited to see you on the cusp of change and the precipice of potential. It is with true exhilaration that I look out at your future. In the prophetic words of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy it is your time to "Go Daddy-O."

With these cataclysmic words ringing true in your ears, I challenge YOU! I challenge you to write a commencement speech that will be given in front of your peers on Wednesday, May 30, Thursday, May 31 and maybe part of Friday, June 1st as an opportunity to present your twelve years of education in a 4 - 5 minute speech.

Your thoughts through speech could take your audience through the following chapters of your glorious endeavors while wearing the proud black and orange of CRATER HIGH (these are in no particular order or requirement) - Here are some suggestions:

General Rubric for SUCCESS

  1. The student is prepared and practiced
  2. The commencement speech is organized, concise and stirring.
  3. The speech has a Thesis (main idea of what you want the audience to know)
  4. The orator uses supporting details (experiences) to support (prove) their points.
  5. The speaker uses appropriate voice, gestures and maintains excellent eye contact.
  6. Your speech is between 4 to 5 minutes

Turn in your written copy to the Synergy Dropbox by Friday, May 25th