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A Little About Me

I grew up in Chicago and moved to Arkansas after my parents retired from the Chicago Police Department in 1997. After graduating from Greenwood High School, I attended Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. While there, I majored in English and minored in history and global studies. I returned to school as an adult to earn a Master's of Education from SOU in 2014.

I have been teaching for 12 years, and the last nine have been at Crater. I enjoy the BIS staff and students because they keep school fun and full of excitement. I am the BIS Board sponsor and Speech and Debate coach.

In my free time, I like to hike, knit, read, travel, garden, cook, and eat! One of my favorite volunteer roles includes guiding historic tours of Jacksonville, where I live with my husband. I like to get involved and teach others!


Speech and Debate

This course introduces students to the basics of public speaking while offering the opportunity for students to prepare, present, and compete in multiple individual speaking events and debates.  

Students will improve their speaking skills, formulate effective presentations and arguments, understand the various types of communication, use visuals to enhance speaking, work as a team, create both impromptu and rehearsed speeches, and compete against other schools in Speech and Debate events.  

Speech and Debate Syllabus

Upcoming Events:

  1. Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping-- Dec. 20 @ 9AM-2PM

  2. Big Question and debate workshop-- Jan. 2 @ Ashland HS 9AM-4PM

  3. Student Congress-- Phoenix HS-- Jan. 4 @3-8:30 PM

  4. Zumba Night-- 6:30- 7:30 PM in Student Center; set up at 6!

  5. Grizzly Invitational-- Ashland HS-- Jan. 27-28

  6. Student Congress-- North Medford-- Feb. 1 @ 3:15-8:30 PM

  7. Poetry Out Loud Competition-- Feb. 7 @ 7PM

  8. Dessert Night-- Feb. 13 @ 7PM

  9. Logan Will Tournament-- Grants Pass-- Feb. 17-18

  10. Nat Quals-- Congress-- Grants Pass HS-- Mar. 4

  11. Nat Quals-- Speech & Debate-- Mar. 17-18

  12. State Quals-- Mar. 20-21 @ South Medford after school

  13. Student Congress-- Ashland HS-- April 5 @ 3-8:30 PM

  14. Speech & Debate State-- April 21-22

Economics and Government

This course introduces students to the basic ways of thinking, terminology, laws, policies, beliefs, and history of economics and government. It is paired with a project lab so students have the opportunity to complete professional-grade visuals and technology projects to go along with what we cover in this course.

Students will use and apply what they learn in this course to understanding the economic policies and government systems used throughout history and the world today. They will do so through writing, creating projects, and participating in group activities and simulations.

Econ/ Gov Syllabus