Commercial Graphics & Design File Management

In your U Drive, create a folder named "CG&D"

This is where you will save all of your work for this trimester.


File Management SOP


Converting Adobe Illustrator files to JPEG's

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Open the adobe illustrator file.
  2. File - Export ... make sure you are in the "Commercial Graphics and Design" folder in your U-Drive, otherwise you may not save the file to this location.
  3. With the file still open go to Export As - There are two windows at the bottom of the screen.

File name: Last Name, first initial, project number Example: CraftR 1

Save as type: make sure the JPEG option is selected and click Save.

It is OK if the .ai version and the JPEG share the same name since they are in two different formats both will be saved.


You will repeat this process for each file, which will give you twice the number of files as the projects you have.