2D-3D Design

To Do 3-14 – 3-16 Illustrator Basics

Your Own Version (Download Tejartchi Font)

Mercedes Logo Tutorial (Adobe Illustrator)

V8 Logo

3D Letters without 3D tools tutorial - Do your first and last name.

Graffiti on Brick Wall Tutorial

Banana Billboard

Text on Brick Wall Tutorial


2-7 Marilyn Do Steps: 2, 3, 6, 7, 8. In step 7 Insert the eye you did in the eye tutorial.

  • The Image is in the P Drive-Handouts-2D-3D (Marilyn Tutorial Portrait)
  • Do Not Go Past Step 9

If you have done Marilyn in a previous class, choose the photo of a different celebrety, and follow the same steps listed in the Marilyn tutorial.


Eye Tutorial (if you need help creating your eye for your self portrait.


May 1 & 2

Wednesday May 23 Western Sign Tutorial



















3-D Hexagon Tessellation steps

  1. Currently you have one side of your four needed sides.
  2. Make a copy of the bottom triangle of your completed extra hexagon.
  3. Make a copy of your top triangle of your completed hexagon side.
  4. Line the top completed triangle with the bottom blank triangle.
  5. Make sure the new line you draw on the blank triangle lines up with the line on the completed triangle
  6. Draw a new line repeating the same steps as on the first design.
  7. After the triangle is complete, group the triangle.
  8. Select the triangle, Object, transform, rotate 60 degrees, duplicate, align the center points
  9. Repeat until you have a full hexagon, then select then all and group.

Repeat all the above steps until you have 4 full hexagons with patterns.



Creating a Tessellating Geometric Poster



















Movie Poster

Eye Tutorial

Mouth Tutorial




Ribon Tutorial

File Management

Melon Head

Photo Manipulation