No cell phones Turn-em off, put-em on silent. As with many businesses and colleges this is a no cell phone institution. Please respect the teacher, the school, and other students by observing this rule which will be echoed many places in society.

The administration has stressed that they would rather students did not leave the classroom if at all possible.  If you need to leave the room follow the correct procedure. 



1)                  Ask permission

2)                  Get a filled out and signed hall pass if it is appropriate

3)                  Go alone


Special Emphasis

(All of these are common workplace expectations)


Do not tamper with anyone elses computer

Stay out of the CSB room

Ask before you go to C-Mart

Profanity will not be tolerated.

Throwing and horseplay is not acceptable.

Stealing is not acceptable.

Vandalism is not acceptable.

Clean up after yourself.

Stay away from the door, and stay in the room.

Do not gather at the door before the bell rings.

Stay out of other people’s portfolios, files, and projects.

Harassment in any form will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the office.

All school attendance rules are observed.